ENTEL (HT-649)

PRODUCT ID : NC/001/07 Two Way Radio Telephone


HNT-101 hand-held portable two-way VHF transceiver is designed and manufactured for life-saving two-way communication between survival craft and ship, ship and a rescue boat in accordance with the SOLAS convention.
The HNT-101 is very small size and light, thus it is easy to handle, and equipped with 19 operating channels including CH16 for international marine mobile service, also can be used for onboard communication.
It is provided with 1W and 2W transmitting power, and large LCD display to check the operating status.
☞ Acquired CCS(China)


Frequency range : Tx 156.300~156.875MHz
Rx 156.300~156.875MHz
Type of emission : 16KOG3E
Number of channels : 19 channel
DC power supply : 7.4VDC(NT100Li)
Current drain : Transmit-900mA, at High(2.0W)
Transmit-600mA, at Low(1.0W)
Recive-201mA, rate audio
Receive-35mA, stand-by
Frequency stability : ±5ppm
Temperature range : -20˚C~+50˚C
Lithium-ion Battery : 7.4VDC 1550mAh, 125, rechargeable
Lithium battery : 7.4VDC 2200mAh, 100g, primary
Battery charger adapter : Input 12VDC, Output 8.4VDC 300mA, 150g
Adapter : Input 220VAC 60Hz., Output 12VDC 600mA, 350g
Transceiver unit dimensions(WxHxD, mm) : 58x127x32
Weight : 295g including Lithium-ion battery and antenna

RF output power(at 7.4VDC) : 2W(high) / 1W(Low)
Maximum frequency deviation : ±5.0KHz
Spurious emission : -36dBm
Adjacent channel power : -70dB

Receiving system : Double conversion super heterodyne
Intermediate frequency : 1st .7MHz, 2nd 450KHz
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD) : 0.35uV
Adjacent channel selectivity : -70dB
Spurious response rejection : -70dB
Inter modulation rejection : -70dB
Hum& Noise : -40dB
Audio out power(at 7.4VDC) : 500mW typical at 3%, distortion with 8Ω load

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